Second life

As a clothing brand, MAYA MAYA is aware of the negative effects the fashion industry can have on the environment. The apparel industry accounts for 10% of global carbon emissions due to the energy used during its production, manufacturing, and transportation. Even though MAYA MAYA clothing is high quality and sustainable, we understand that sometimes one wants to get rid of clothes for whatever reason. Therefore, we have decided to offer our customers alternative ways of dealing with old clothes than simply throwing them away.


I want to use my membership benefit and get my well-loved MAYA MAYA item repaired.



I am ready to part with my old MAYA MAYA item and get something new. How can I contribute to preserving the environment with my old one?



You can return your old item in one of our MAYA MAYA stores and receive a personalized discount for your next purchase, or follow the online instructions on how to return your item via the iCeep app*. By doing that, you will receive an exclusive discount for your next online MAYA MAYA order.

Bring back to OUTLET STORE

Bring back via ONLINE STORE

*By downloading the iCeep app, you can return your old clothes and earn coins as an award. These coins are then automatically converted into respective discounts, which you can use for your next purchase in our MAYA MAYA Online Shop. The service is currently available in Switzerland only.