our philosophy

The story of human being

Who am I?

I am a traveler, coming from space, living on Earth, and preparing to go.

my arrival

I landed in Africa, the cradle of the human race.
I adapted to the environment and created evolution.
I started to travel, to discover unknown dimensions.

my evolution

I created new worlds. To some of them, I gave space and time.

I never knew what path, aging, birth, and death were. I did not know what touch, feelings and love were. These new dimensions I have created became incredibly rich, differentiated, passionate, sometimes cruel and endlessly beautiful.

I've created life. I am surprised by evolution. More life advances, the easier I feel it and longer I live it. I accompany it and sometimes even merge into one. This allows me the completeness to be. At the same time, I discover to feel, to be everywhere, to live and die.

desire for discovery

I have an infinite desire for discovery and diversity. Therefore, I have traveled north, to explore new worlds. As I progressed on my journey, the weather got colder at night and I had to build myself a temporary shelter, my “maya maya”.

Crossing the Mediterranean was difficult and it only got challenging when I ran into the cold Eurasian mountains. I observed the local species and was inspired by their skin. I invented clothes, my temporary shelter, my “maya maya”.

my mission

I am the chosen one, the only one to travel into space and time. I am there, I die, come back and discover new. When I am, I know what is it to be.

I will travel as long as all worlds, times, and spaces merge. This is when time and space will enter my world. That will be at the moment of ever and never.

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