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As a member of the MAYA MAYA Loyalty club, you are entitled to several benefits.

1.   Lifetime warranty

All MAYA MAYA products come with a free Lifetime warranty for our members.

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2.   Exclusive in-store offers

Physical stores often have special offers that are exclusively for members.

3.    Private online sales

Randomly we organize private sales in our online store. Invitation is sent via email. Discounted prices are visible to signed-in members only.

4.    -10% discount online

Once registered members sign in the online store, they will be able to shop at -10% discount on the newest collection. The discounted prices are shown once signed in.

5.    Invitation to VIP events

Once per year we organize an event in each store, to which members get a personalized invitation.

6.    Recycling or reusing

Members can bring back their old MAYA MAYA items to their local store for reuse or recycling. In return, they will get a discount which they can use right away. 

7.    Free product shortenings

You are entitled to a free shortening, in case the newly bought item doesn’t fit you perfectly. You can submit an item by mail or by bringing it to your nearest store only.

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