Let's be Alone Together

Our whole brand is built on and stands behind the simple motto

  “If you don’t go, you don’t have a story.”


And that is always correct, except in times like these when we are all writing a much more important story within our countries, communities, businesses, and families. A story of confusion, pain, grief, uncertainty, fear, and frustration.

But also a story of hope, togetherness, and solidarity. A story of remembering not to take for granted the simple pleasures in life like enjoying nature, climbing mountains, swimming in lakes, or simply admiring the sunset.

Until we are able to reconnect with nature, we at Maya Maya urge you to stay at home and be safe in these troubling times. The safety and health of our team and community are the biggest priority right now which is why almost all of our shops are closed for the time being and all our employees are following the recommendations from their respective countries. In the shops that still work by the countries’ regulations, we pay close attention and urge for frequent disinfection, hand washing, and responsible distance between employees and customers.

Nonetheless, our team will keep being available to your needs in your more limited physical activities through our website and webshop, and through social media.

Remember that there are many more stories to be written, and let’s all hang in there until we are again able to create new adventures. Covid-19 is a story we don’t like. But let’s keep on going and we will make it! Stay safe and healthy, friends!


Your MAYA MAYA Team 

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