Functional Autumn Shirts

The best quality of hiking shirts is reached through fiber properties, knitting inflection, and multilayer knitting. As a combination of all these factors, we get great permeability of moisture from the skin to the outer layer. 

Shirts are made from polyamide fibers, which even if artificial, deliver similar visual and touch properties as cotton. When you are wearing them, they feel very soft and light. Together with elastane fiber, they ensure good elasticity and body fit. This results in the best breathability and ensures the most effective feeling of coolness and dryness simultaneously. 

In addition to breathability, there are some other favorable characteristics. UV protection at daylight keeps you protected from the sun’s radiation. Light reflectors keep you to be seen at night.

For this year’s season, Maya Maya has made hiking shirts and long-sleeve T-shirts with those exact properties/qualities.

Outdoor Hiking Shirts

Hiking Shirts are intended for whole-day mountain hikes. Mountain conditions are very unpredictable. Air temperatures have large fluctuations during the ascent, as a consequence of wind, altitude change, or sun’s convection properties. Taking into account low morning temperatures or chances of thunderstorms, mountaineers have to be well prepared for the wide spectrum of possible weather scenarios.

These hiking shirts offer the possibility of rolling up the sleeves and converting them into short-sleeved shirts. Ideal for unpredictable mountain temperatures. Constant ventilation is enabled by the button system at the front. They are extremely light, appropriate also for traveling and casual occasions.

Ladies can take a look at Adana Shirt in red and blue color. While man can choose Keen Shirt in green or gray.

Hiking Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Hiking long sleeve T-shirts have elastic netting compartments located under arms and upper-back to neck part, where sweating is the most intensive. Men’s Dorba Shirt is strengthened with very durable materials on shoulders that protect you and your shirt from intensive backpack friction. Ladies can go for Amaka Shirt with prolonged sleeves for warmer hands. 

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