Designer's Statement - Reflective Prints

The main idea behind the Night Vision campaign is to emphasize the threat of exterior factors and possible solutions during midnight run. The right visibility clothing cannot fully protect you against all exterior factors and dangers on the road, but it can make you much safer.

I observed runners, cyclists, and walkers during the night. Some had visible elements on their clothing and some didn’t.  I designed different reflective prints on the sports garments. My idea was to design shapes that have no similarity to the design of pavement lines, street poles, or street signs. Something that really distracts the eye. 

I wisely added reflective prints and accessories for a night run or walk. The top and bottom part of the outfit is where reflective prints are most visible. These are the areas, where body movements are the largest. If reflective prints are placed there, it can improve runners' conspicuity.

For Ladies

Melesse Jacket includes reflective prints on the front, side, and back. Side print is located on the top of the sleeve, where the movement of our arm makes the reflective print more “bouncy” and visible. I thought about the fact that many night runners have headlamps on their heads. This ensures them to be visible from the front. Less attention is usually paid to back visibility. I believe this is the key part because most of the dangerous factors come from behind, ex. cyclists, cars, scooters. To stay conspicuous, three reflective prints are located on the back.

Tribal Tights are designed by similar concepts as Melesse jacket. They have reflective prints on the most movable part - calves. This is how a person, approaching from the back, differentiates between a still object and a runner.

For Men

Peponi Jacket has more emphasis on reflexivity on the sleeves. Both have 4 lines between the elbow and wrist. This is the part which we move the most. This extra accessory is because men tend to be on average higher and have larger running movements than ladies. The jacket is also endorsed with reflexivity design on the front and on the back.

Haka Tights have similar to ladies’ Tribal tights, a reflective print on the calves. In addition to that, they have a large logo on both sides, to ensure great visibility also from the side.

Tatjana, MAYA MAYA designer

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