Designer's Statement - Alpine Ski Collection 2018

Creating the ski collection is my greatest challenge. I spent a lot of hours doing the research and development on the basis of the final product.

Designer ski garments are very technical in construction with high-quality performance. Functional garments need special solutions in order to provide protection without restraining areas in movements and to its perfection. 

I ski myself too, therefore I am aware of the features needed on ski clothes.

Inspiration & Design

This season's inspiration is taken from the Omo tribe Valley natives. The tribal creative details make the collection unique. MAYA MAYA is known for a touch of artistic details on each piece of garment when completed.

As a designer, I seek new inspiration each season, by traveling through different cultures around the world. This is part of my research and development, where I thus implement these elements into garments with related details. This makes our brand vision - happen:

»If you don't go you don't have a story.«

The development phase takes plenty of time. From choosing the best fabrics to constructing the optimum fitting cuts. I aim to construct garments that would support the body's full performance.

I am consistent at all stages of development, making the special selection of trims, insulation linings, outer look, especially the technical feature of the outer surface shell fabrics and accessories.

I choose the best fabrics and the best accessories. I want the wearer to feel warm, comfortable, and have an amazing purchase satisfaction. I always test the garments before they are launched into the production line.

Each detail on the ski garments serves its purpose. I was thinking... when someone is going skiing for the whole day in unpredictable weather conditions, they do not need to take a backpack filled with the important stuff.

Things like wallet, sandwich snacks, ski goggles, or extra head covers in case of sudden weather changes take up a lot of space. In the ski jackets I have designed, you can carry all these things with you, stacked in special tailored pockets and compartments in the garments.


I emphasize the importance of "weatherproofness", whereas I use the Climate Control membrane on the outer shell fabric with high performance waterproof and windproof features.

Details like:
- snow skirt prevents snow from getting into your jacket,
- zip-off hood,
- adjustable cuffs,
- balaclava stowed on the back part,
- storm flaps, all protect you from unpredictable and extreme weather conditions.

Breathability is one of the most important features, not to stay wet when physically very active, that's why I add inside linings with very good breathable materials. On alpine ski jackets and pants, I add extra zip openings (vents), where you can let extra body moisture transfer out from your body faster.

Fitting is the key to great comfort, mobility, and appearance. I create special cut parts of stretch panels on the most exposed movement areas, making the garment conform to your body's performance. Taking into consideration the look of outerwear in action and movement is important as well. There are no restraining areas.

Safety is the number one priority. Adding the RECCO® technology increases the likelihood of being found in the case of an avalanche. RECCO® reflector is always with you, wherever you go.

In the end, considering all the feature benefits, I never overlook the appearance of the outfit. It has to be designed to perform, be color-cathing, and also to grab attention on/off-piste.

Tatjana, MAYA MAYA designer

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