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Previously we discussed how you can choose the right hiking trail for you in our Hiking 101: how to choose the right trail? blog post. We have built a very interesting community of people that are living our brand. Considering that our ambassadors are people that practice what they preach, we decided to ask them about their favorite hikes in Switzerland and Austria, and the most interesting details connected to them. Here's what they told us.

1.From Lake Cauma to Lake Cresta (Switzerland)

Recommended by: Stefan Emch
Difficulty: Easy

The easy and leisurely hike begins at the “Flims Waldhaus Caumasee” bus stop in the canton of Graubünden. You can get there from Chur by bus that runs at regular intervals. There is also enough parking space on-site for those arriving by car.  

First, you walk down a nice path to a small lift.  From there you have a pretty nice view of Lake Cauma and the Caribbean blue water. It's just fantastic when you see this sight for the first time.
I would prefer to avoid the summer months, as there are a lot of people on Lake Cauma at this time. In my opinion, autumn is a very good alternative to tackle this easy hiking trail.  
The path continues through beautiful forest sections past the very huge Rhine Gorge. You walk parallel to the gorge for a while, and you can enjoy this very impressive natural spectacle again and again. If you want to see more of the Rhine Gorge, you can enjoy the view without trees or bushes on a small platform.  

Now the path continues through beautiful forests, which of course look fantastic in autumn with all the colored leaves. And suddenly you stand at the second lake of this hike and can hardly believe how beautifully peaceful this place is. The Crestasee is a small lake that is surrounded by pine trees and the clear blue water sparkles in the evening hours. For a little refreshment, there is a small hut that sells snacks.  

Those who prefer to go there in the summer months can take a dip in the lake and those who prefer to be more comfortable can rent a rowing boat and marvel at the unique atmosphere from the water. 
When it comes to clothing, I would choose a lightweight and breathable garment, of course, depending on the period you decide to visit it. My recommendation is the great Masai shirt from MAYA MAYA.

2. Almsee with Ameisstein (Austria)

Recommended by: Rene Wiesinger
Difficulty: Moderate

I have to say that I don't have one favorite hiking trail, there are so many beautiful ways, areas, hikes that I enjoy. But if I had to choose, I would say the "Almsee" in Upper Austria with a short hike to the "Ameisstein” which is for me the most beautiful area. 

The hike around the lake has a length of 6km and it's easy to combine it with a moderate hike to the Ameisstein, 776m (round about 200m vertical meters). Every time I go there, it's a unique feeling, it's like a "coming home" feeling. The view around the lake is awesome, but the view from the top is unbeatable, such an awesome view for a short hike. Additionally, the color of the lake, the massive mountains behind the lake, the whole area are absolutely amazing.
I'm in this area about once a month, but I don't take the hike to Ameisstein every time; the Almsee is a starting point for several hikes and sometimes I’m enjoying time with friends at the lake only. My hiking buddy is mostly my girlfriend. 
At the moment there is no fee to pay, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there will be some parking fee coming soon and at the main parking area. Also, there is a hut where you can grab a coffee, a beer, or also something to eat.

When it comes to which clothes to take, I wouldn’t go without my whole Maya Maya Stuff (Cap, Shirt, Shorts) for the hike. If I’m only chilling' at the lake and sunbathing I wouldn’t go without my shirt and shorts.

3. Spaghetti round (Switzerland)

Recommended by: Exped Tribe
Difficulty: Hard

The whole spaghetti round lasts for 2-5 days and gifts the hikers with unique views over the “Grenzgletscher”, on incredibly steep peaks such as the Lyskamm, and from the top, it even allows to see all the way down to Milan/Italy on a clear sky day! Indeed, it is a very famous route for Alpinists in Switzerland: one reason is that the glacier hike starts from Zermatt, one of the hotspots for people willing to climb the “perfect pyramid”, the Matterhorn, and so attracts a lot of mountain lovers to tackle this hike before steeper climbs. The hike itself is not technically difficult and never exposed, as it follows its way through the glacier, but the difficulty lies in the huge crevasses that need to be crossed, and in the high altitude you will have to adapt to during the trek (4550m highest point). 

For this reason, even though everyone can virtually go, it is safer to join a mountain guide to navigate the glacier, which is mandatory if this is your first glacier walk. There are two huts on the way. The first one is the Monte Rosa hut, which is equipped with all facilities for sleeping, eating some delicious recharging food, and stargaze. The second one is the “Capanna Margherita”, which is the highest hut in the Alps at 4500m! Although there is a house lord taking care of guests during the summertime, the height can still give you some headache and feeling of not well-being at the beginning. Even though the hut lies on a cliff face that plunges vertically for more than 400 meters, which already is incredible itself, and a visit is well worth it!

When it comes to clothing, we definitely would take the Tribe Pants, the Tribe Jacket, and the Tamir Jacket for tackling this crazy glacier crossing. The reason is that you will have no issues with ventilation, cold winds, or rain/snow if these elements kick in, due to the high-tech materials used and the high level of adaptations possible (stretch, side ventilation, gaiters for boots, etc.). The Tamir Jacket is super comfortable and is definitely an eye-catcher if you visit the huts.

On a side note: We offer the Spaghetti Round as part of a five-day expedition adventure in October-April, with the help of a certified mountain guide. We will travel by expedition sled and sleep in the huts as well as in tents during the ascent. If the weather allows, we will build an igloo and sleep in it on the top of the hill at around 4300m! More details will follow on our website under the tab “Swiss Adventures” in the following months. Come join us!

4. Hundskopf, Gnadenwald. (Austria)

Recommended by: Claudia Schneider
Difficulty: Hard

I would love to tell you something about one of my favorite hikes to "Hundskopf” (Gnadenwald).   
The hike isn't just a hike. It's a mix of walking, hiking, and climbing. You can go there by car - you have to pay a tax of 5 Euro to get up to the Hinterhorn Alm. There the fun begins. Up through the forest always with a beautiful view down the Valley. After some time, you reach a gravel field where the view is getting better and better. 

My favorite part of this hike is the climbing section at the end. It's hard but also really fun and the view is amazing. The beautiful cross at the summit is the reward at the end. I love to show people this hike, because of the view and the mix of hiking and climbing. Back down you can get something to drink or eat at the Hinterhornalm or you can go some minutes to the Walderalm. 
When it comes to clothing, I wouldn't go without my Ikat Headband and my Soona Sweater, because there's most of the time wind at the summit and these two pieces are always keeping me warm.  

This hike is one of the first I do in the season and repeat it 2-3 times because it's always a new experience to go up there. Different flowers, you meet new people, two possibilities to climb the summit - just amazing.

5.  Winterlücke/ Jöriseen (Switzerland)

Recommended by: Dominik Kobler
Difficulty: Moderate 

My favorite hike is from the Flüelapass or the hut Wägerhütte up to the Winterlücke where you can then enjoy a wonderful view of the Jöriseen. The largest lake of the Jöriseen shines in a wonderful blue and when you sit down on the lake and the sun's rays break in the waves you feel like in the Caribbean just at almost 2,500 meters above sea level. If you are lucky you can even see a bearded vulture flying overhead. I like to do this hike on a warm summer evening after work, then I can really switch off. I also like to enjoy this hike alone, so I have time for myself. But also with colleagues, this hike is always an experience. 

Parking is free of charge at the Wägerhütte parking. From there you can reach the top of the lookout point in just under an hour. Unfortunately, there is no hut on this route, but if you prefer a longer journey, you can continue hiking at the lakes to the Vereina Berghaus where you can enjoy fine Bündner specialties and a cold beer. If you are still not tired, you can walk down to the mountain village of Klosters. The Vereina mountain house also offers a shuttle that takes you down to Klosters.

My favorite piece of clothing is the Kanani Sweater, it gives me the perfect freedom of movement for the hike. When it's warm at the bottom it regulates nicely and when you get to the top it gives me back the right amount of warmth.

6. Serles (Austria)

Recommended by: Rebecca Gruber
Difficulty: Moderate-hard

One of my favorite mountain tours is the hike on the Serles. The hike is most beautiful at sunrise. You start at the Maria Waldrast Monastery and continue to the Serlesjöchl. From there it goes over a small ladder and an insured path up to the Serles (2717m). 

My favorite part of this hike is the little ladder from Serlesjöchl that leads to the path up to the summit. But also the view at the summit is breathtaking because you are at the highest mountain and have a panoramic view of all the other peaks. My mountain companions and I hike up there a few times a year, mostly for sunrise. In total, you need about 5 - 5.5 hours for the whole mountain tour. For the road to Maria Waldrast, where the hike begins, you have to pay a fee of € 6, but you can park for free up there. After an exhausting day of hiking, you can also eat something good there.

7. Vertatscha (AUSTRIA)

Recommended by: Nina Maurer
Difficulty: Moderate-hard
I'm pleased to present you with one of my favorite hikes and I have decided to choose the hike to Vertatscha. The starting point of the tour is the free parking lot of the Klagenfurter Hütte in Bärental. The landscape on this tour is very beautiful and on the way to Vertatscha, there can be reached two more peaks (Kosiak and Bielschitza), if you want to.

If you decide to do all 3 summits, you should be aware that this will take the whole day. You should carry enough water and snacks and be sure that you have enough endurance to take that long-distance hike. If you go directly to Vertatscha it´s a moderate hike, with about a 1.000m altitude difference. No matter which route you choose, you can stop at the “Klagenfurter Hütte” in any case, to grab a beer or enjoy a very good “Kaiserschmarrn”. During the way up and at the summit, you are often awaited by the curious alpine jackdaws.

From the top, you can see as far as Bled (Slovenia) and on the other side, the Austrian “Bodental”. I take this hike twice a year, or even more often. Mostly I'm on my way with friends and family.

I love to wear the  Anami shirt and the Malinali shorts from Maya Maya on this tour, because these pieces fit perfectly and are very comfortable, which is important to me for long hikes.

There is beauty everywhere in the world, you just have to seek it out. Hopefully, we helped you choose your next hike if you're at a location near our ambassadors' suggestions. 
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